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Home Brewing

Easy Gluten-Free Home Brewing


​After being diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, Scott Hale met with a dietician who proceeded to take away everything (food related) that he knew and loved. After months of disappointment with the gluten-free beer offerings, the author decided it was time to take the power back, and make some good beer. Having made a successful batch of regular beer years earlier, he went down the rabbit hole only to emerge several years later with a solid Gluten-Free Ale recipe that is easy for first time brewers and can be tailored to suit any taste, This book is designed to get anyone making great gluten-free beer, consistently, and immediately! 

The book is currently in production. Please add your email to get an update when the book is done. 

Easy Gluten-Free Home Brewing

COOL NEWS! OC Register wrote a news article about my wild yeast wrangling exploits!

Read it HERE: OC Register Wild Yeast article 

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