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      The Princess and the Poop

           An Illustrated Guinea Pig Fairytale

      The Princess and the Poop is a heartwarming and silly story based on the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea, by Hans Christian Andersen but with a Guinea Pig twist! The story is more detailed and filled with humor. The Princess and the Poop is written and illustrated by Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue Volunteer and YouTube video creator Scotty from Scotty's Animals. This is a book that you will keep coming back to. The story and illustrations will bring joy to you and your family for years to come. And the best part is that this book helps Scotty continue his mission of helping animals and those who do so much for them.

      Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Animals, a family of guinea pigs lived in the castle and sat on their thrones. Queen Irene could tell that her son, Prince Leo, was not his usual happy self. She had not seen him popcorn in days - not when the Fool told his jokes, not when the Fool sang his songs, not after the rainstorm when a rainbow appeared over the mountain. The prince was sad. Prince Leo was lonely, even with so many friends and family around to cheer him up. You see, the prince wanted to find a princess to love and adore. Someone to share his life with, and eventually share his kingdom. The Queen reminded him that she did not wish to rule on the throne forever, that in fact, she wanted to go on vacation. They had been trying for some time to find a real princess. One who would complement Prince Leo. Leo was kind and honest and real princesses were not easy to find. Many beautiful piggies came to the kingdom claiming to be princesses. Some of them acted very "princess like" at first but soon they were rude to Leo and made him cry. A real princess is sensitive. A real princess is hard to find.

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