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Full CG Compositing Reel

Welcome to

   My current compositing reel plays here:

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My Linkedin profile has a detailed employment history.

My YouTube channel is a home for my current reel, shown above.

Scott's SuperAdobe Build Blog

ScottSuperadobe is the blog that hosts all the photos from the building process. Follow years worth of work. Each blog entry represents one build day. You can see how much work it is and how much you can expect to do in a day. SuperAdobe is an amazing architectural technique accessible to all!

After taking a workshop at I started building. Read the blog here to find out more.

Did you know?

I have been volunteering at The Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue for many years. I specialize in Adoptions, Pairings, Grooming, Cage Building, and Health Checks.


I Created a YouTube Channel to teach proper care and share what I have learned volunteering at the rescue for almost 10 years!


My fun T-Shirts are designed to raise funds and spread awareness. They are on sale at the rescue and in my Etsy Shop.

@Scotty'sAnimals I post antics from the rescue and at home with my animals. I also sometimes post pics and videos when I meet new animal friends everywhere I go. 

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